Is Nicholas Carr Right About Google?

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When evaluating Nicholas Carrs, Is Google Making Us Stupid?, one can arrive at the conclusion that Carrs main claim in composing this article is to educate his readers on the issue of the Internet. The issue being the influence on its users capacity to make their own affiliations and build up their own thoughts when analyzing a large scale text and persuade them to agree with him. Carr uses many different methods to try and further support his claim such as including his own observations and opinions, research, and targeting the audiences emotions.

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In the end, his contention is insufficient because of his absence of solid sources and the tone that is set throughout the article.

Although Carr is a highly respected author who was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize, and has written for The Wall Street Journal as well as The New York Times, his inclusion of Stanley Kubricks 2001: A Space Odyssey is used so he can parallel that with how he believes computers have rewired his brain is a major example of him relying heavily on his opinion and fame to convince his readers of his point of view. If the reader does not know who Carr is beforehand, any part of the article that includes his opinion is not effective in supporting his claim. Carr additionally includes the fact that his blogger friends concur with him regarding the matter to help support his methodologies of logos. Carr himself then states, Anecdotes alone dont prove much (Carr, 2008). This demonstrates that Carr knows him including his friends opinions is not much of a power move to continue supporting his claim regarding the matter, and falls flat without his or his friends authority being made known.

Carr then uses the story of Nietzsches experience with developing an extremely terse writing style due to switching to a typewriter to further support the fact that the brain inevitably begins to take on the qualities of said technologies.

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