Is Google making us stupid

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What is your view of how technology is affecting the way we think, read, write, and live? Write an ARGUMENT in which you support or challenge Carr’s conclusion that “as we come to rely on computers to mediate our understanding of the world, it is our own intelligence that flattens into artificial intelligence.” Consider mixing in some REFLECTION on your own use of computers to help make your argument. The technology that is evolving in the modern age is affecting the way we think, write and live because of the advancements on the uncommon innovations that most people don’t understand. These changes make a large difference in the society because not everyone becomes aware of how they function. Most people would just take it upon another object that is improved but until they come to realize the functionality it could be too late. Other people that are skeptical about any large secretive or unknown changes are doing something good for the society. They are there to analyze or research what new innovations have for humanity. Most skeptics see humanity as it should be in traditional means while people with more technological involvement want the world to be easier under forms of a machine. traditional concepts are still valued in society because that is what humans are used too. As proposed by Carr, if in the far future with machines running the earth there would be no possibility of knowing everything would go according to plan. There is a lack of assurance when it comes to programming other non-human forms to function. I definitely agree with this case because, when it comes to humans not everything we build or make could operate under our influence. Sometimes there are quirks that cannot be determined. In my field as a computer enthusiast, I have experienced many malfunctions with computerized machines,

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