Is Cyberbullying Related to Gender?

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For a long period, cyberbullying has emerged as a developing phenomenon. People have used technology such as chat rooms, text messages, and emails to create an aggressive message with repeated physical and psychological oppression along with the abuse of power to cause distress. Such an attack can be direct or indirect.

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Direct attack or overt hostility involves causing physical harms to others through insult, stealing, assaults, taunting, and physical fight. Conversely, indirect aggression aim at damaging and manipulating members of peer relationships through propaganda, gossip, and exclusion from other groups. As a result, different scholars have contentious views concerning the influence of gender on cyberbullying. Some believe that cyberbullying is related to genders while others have controversial opinions.

Li (2006) surveyed students to investigate the effects of gender differences on cyberbullying within the school. According to the study findings, Li found that males were more bullied and cyberbullied than their counterpart female students. Similarly, female victims of cyberbully showed a high likelihood of reporting cyberbullying than males. These findings led Li to the conclusion that cyberbullying is related to gender identity.

Using the empirical study, Li focused on two issues while exploring the effects of gender on cyberbullying. The first focus was to examine experiences of cyberbullying across gender differences of randomly selected students in Canada. Secondly, the study aimed at investigating the perceptions of male and female students concerning the schooling environment. According to the results of the study, no significant difference was reported on sex proportions between those who reported having bullied. However, male students revealed less probability of reporting bully and cyberbully incidents to adults than female students.

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