Is Birth Control Worth It?

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Birth control has been around since 1960. It became a hit in 1962, three years later in 1963 the use doubled by American women. Birth control has one major benefit no pregnancies, but there are also lots of downfalls to the pill and other birth control methods.

The side effects that the pill is caused by extra hormones that is in it. Ovaries produce Estrogen and Progestin but they can be synthetically made and used in oral contraptions, that’s exactly what the pill is. Having a higher level of these hormones stop the ovaries from producing eggs. Without an egg, sperm has nothing to fertilize. Progestin changes the the thickness of the cervical mucus, making it harder for sperm to get to the egg. Therefore you’re almost off the baby train, although birth control is not 100 percent protection against pregnancies it’s pretty close to 100. The effectiveness depends on which method you decide on. For more protection and preventing STDs you could also use condoms if you’re sexually active.

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Some people don’t just get on birth control just for preventing pregnancies some do it for stopping bad stuff that their body is doing. For example some get on it to minimize acne and the oiliness some people get. The hormones also can reduce menstrual cramps, and lighten the periods they get.

With the extra hormones you are taking it changes your body and the way it does things, some minor changes and some major health risks. The minor ones effect some women in a big way, and some could handle it.

Birth control has said to make you gain weight but studies showed birth control doesn’t have anything to do with weight some women say they picked up since starting the pill. Some of the weight gain could be the increased appetite the pill gives you. Women could barely eat before the pill and after they get on it they crave everything. Women and doctors argue that the weight gain is from all the hormones your body is getting from the pill.

Same for depression: based on research of women using birth control, some get depressed and some women even came out of a depression.

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