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Is Abortion the Right Thing to Do?

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Date added: 17-09-22

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Is abortion the right thing to do? Many women today are getting pregnate, especially tennage girls. Although many believe that having an abortion is the only out of that problem, the only solution, abortion should not be legal. Most tennage girls have an abortion Because they say that there's no other way out. Well most of those girls are wrong, there are many other opitions other than having an abortion, like giving the baby away to someone else that will take care of it, that would love that baby. On this paper you'll learn why abortion should be banned. When you have an abortion you wouldn't think that later on you could have ome complication. When I say complication I mean Medical problem. "1 out of 7 women require a blood transfusion due to bleeding from an abortion"(Warren Hern of Boulder). And having a blood transfusion could get hepatitis. You could also get Bladder injury, which you could also need surgery. One of the things that could occur is that you could get an ifection from the abortion, which could lead to a very bad fever, and you could also die "this happens in 1 out of 4 abortions"( Warren Hern). "Breast cancer has risen by 50% in America since abortion became legal in 1973"(Warren Hern). One of the thing that could also happen is Abortion yndrome, which means that the mother could regret, or have memories of the abortion experience. Many womens have abortion because they think it's the only way out. Well they are wrong! One other option is having the child and giving away (adoption). Not only giving your child to anyone, first you should know a little about the person. There are many families or couples out there that dream of having a child but aren't able to. Those people will do anything to have a child and one of them is adoption. It is a much better choice that having an abortion , because you would be killing a person. So if you can't take care of your child, ive him/her away to another family, and give the child a chance in life. Although many say when you have an abortion, you're not killing a humam, but a fetus or an mass of cell. But when a women fells a kick in her belly, she says "I fell the baby kicking" she doesn't say I fell the fetus or a mass of cell. So inside there's a human being that is about to enter the world, and maybe change the live's of many people. having an abortion is the same thing as killing a human being out on the streets. The baby did nothing wrong, and he should not pay for your actions. Abortion is often made by tennagers, some who are still kids on the inside, not ature enougth to know what choices they are making. Having an abortion doesn't only kill the baby, but could also kill you. Today many women are getting pregenant, and having abortions. But they have no idea of what they are really doing, how they are hurting not only the baby, but also themselves. If you don't want to go though all of this, use protection, or birth control, until you are ready and mature enougth to know what you doing. And take care of your child. Abotion is a wrong thing to do, it's a very easy way out of your mistake, and that easy way out is by taking away the life of a innocent human being.
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