IOP Script The Diet by Carol Ann Duffy

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Theme: Duffy conveys the theme of societal expectations and how one may attempt to reach the unattainable vision that society portrays as the “ideal person,” resulting in their constant deterioration and self-harm.

Subthemes/Body Points:

  1. Societal Expectations
  2. Unattainable Vision
  3. Constant Deterioration and Self Harm

I. Introduction

  • Outline; what will be on each slide
  • Theme
  • Explain the three subthemes
  • . Explain the theme as a whole

II. Social Expectations

  • Repetition of “she”
  • . Lack of name; the issue is common in society and widely overlook
  • . “No sugar, salt, dairy, fat, protein, starch or alcohol” (Duffy 2-3).
  • . Modern fad diets
  • . Diet leaves out necessary parts of the food pyramid
  • Explain food pyramid visual
  • “She was anorexia’s true daughter” (Duffy 16).
  • Personification
  • Shows how strong of a hold Anorexia has
  • Society’s child turned into Anorexia’s child
  • You are your looks
  • “She stayed near people, lay in the tent of a nostril like a germ” (Duffy 36-37).
  • Simile
  • The people didn’t care; overlooked issue
  • “Germ” – keeps shrinking

III. Unattainable Vision

  • “The diet worked like a dream” (Duffy 1).,/li
  • Simile/ dictions
  • Comparing the diet to a dream; this dream is unattainable
  • Connotation/ denotation
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  • Distinguishing factor; society’s expectation is that they want you to be a certain way
  • what society wants vs what she wants;

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