Investment Culture In Mauritius And Around The Globe Finance Essay

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This study seeks to understand the Concept of investment culture around the globe and the attitude of Mauritians to investment. It aims to gain knowledge about key factors that influence investment behavior and thus trying to bring an insight and educate the population on the factors that need to be considered when selecting an investment portfolio. The focus will be based mostly on the Study of the Mauritian Population as a whole consisting of at minimum one income-earning member. It is by using different age groups along with Gender and demographic factors that synergism between investors can be reached. On the basis of segmentation we will carry out surveys. We planned for a minimum sample of around 2000 individuals would be selected for the study. Questionnaires would be distributed amongst various groups of people, depending on their Age, Gender and social status (targeting factors), dwelling in both rural and urban regions. The data collected would be assess and analyze using percentage, statistical methods and correlation to test the hypothesis. Thus keeping this in mind, that our aim is to explore the concept of investment culture, the study should have a degree of variation enough to avoid bias in our outcomes. Along with surveys and questionnaires, tools to collect data can include documentation review, observation, and even the collection of physical artifacts. Talking about outcomes, what we expecting from this analysis is to conclude whether: Mauritians are well aware of investment decisions and factors affecting these decisions; the level of investment undertaken by Mauritian is directly influenced by their Income level, Gender, Demographic factors as such; they are conscious of the importance of investment and there is enough incentives to prone Mauritians towards investment, compared to the Investment culture around the Globe? The point is how will these outcomes help and to whom would it be beneficial? We believe that this groundwork would help the Government and Investment Institutions in particular. Let’s assume that the results show that Mauritians, if their income rises will tend to interest more in investment thus the government can establish necessary incentives in a view to encourage investment by minimizing savings. Eventually, Investment bodies can also develop investment schemes that would attract investors.


Investment is putting money into something with the expectation of profit. We often consider investment as deferred consumption meaning income earned but not consumed and kept for future consumption. Globally we can note that for the last decade people had been more open to investing their money in financial institutions compared to earlier whereby they use to go more towards consumption. Global economic growth has increased and thus standard of living which all together can be attributed to the fact that investment level has risen. Economist however, has argued that it is not possible to set out for investment without first considering savings. It should be acknowledged that without savings there can not be investment. This is because when an entrepreneur starts business, he is actually using other people’s savings.

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