Investigation of the Ketogenic Diet

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Throughout the course of my life most of my family has given me a hard time about how fat I look. Growing up they told me horrendous things such as I would never find a girlfriend, or I would never have some friends in high school. So, I began dieting as well as exercising but often the wrong way.

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Often, I would exercise as well as skip meals to feel as though I could belong to a group. At times, my life was at an all time low that I began to overconsume diet pills. Now that I’m older I see that there was an error to my ways. The main reason that I chose to Look into the Ketogenic Diet was the big hype behind it. Everyday I hear some student as well as everyday bystander say that they are on the Ketogenic Diet. Thus, began my investigation in to the Ketogenic Diet.

Initially the Ketogenic Diet was a revolutionary dieting system that helped with the effects of Epilepsy. In one specific case related to the Ketogenic Diet was Charlie Abraham (Mulligan and Mandelbaum 2011) Charlie Abraham was only 20 months old when he began to have seizures that were affecting his quality of life (Mulligan&Mandelbaum2011). So, his family decided that they should initiate him in the Ketogenic Diet (Mulligan& Mandelbaum 2011). The Ketogenic Diet that he was put on changed his life significantly. One question that does arise is what is the Ketogenic Diet? The Ketogenic Diet is a diet that helps the body naturally by incorporating various food groups. These food groups must be a part of a diet that is low in carbohydrates yet high in Protein (Stafstrom &Bough 2003). This diet must have enough foods which balance the intake of Carbohydrates, so the diet can be more effective (Stafstrom&Bough 2003). Yet there have been many claims stating that the diet can be effective but primarily for young children (Stasfrom&Bough 2003) This is primarily based on being used as a treatment for many forms of Epilepsy that the young children are being faced with. The Diet has helped pave a way from using fewer pharmaceutical drugs to help with the potential diagnosis of a child’s mental health.


In terms of searching through the databases I mainly utilized EBSCO host. The primary reason is due to the fact of the reliability of a source that you know can be considered a peer reviewed academic Journal. The Academic Journal that I utilized were all peer reviewed and had some form of validity to them based upon the studies that were conducted. At first, I thought that the Ketogenic Diet was only used as method of everyday people just trying to lose weight. After going through my findings,

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