Application of Balnin Team Inventory In Group Working As a class, we were supposed to form different groups. In which we had to apply our computer knowledge on how to solve real-time problems in an organization using various programs. The teams and the groups that were to experiment... [ view article ]


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Regulating Inventory Regulating Inventory – An Examination of AASB 102 “Inventories” Inventories are in essence what organisations hold with an intention to sell, however directly or indirectly. For most businesses, this is how their profits are made, and it is reasonable to... [ view article ]


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Finance Functions in Manufacturing Company ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE FUNCTIONS IN AN AUTOMOTIVE COMPONENTS MANUFACTURING COMPANY AREAS 1. Accounts Receivable. 2. Accounts Payable. 3. Inventory. 4. Direct and Indirect Taxes. 5. Payroll. 6. Treasury Operations. 7. Manufacturing/Final Accounts. Accounts. Activities in Accounts Receivable Function 1. Recording... [ view article ]

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Case of Unidentified Companies We decided to group all the retail companies together by understanding that a retail company will have a relatively low collection period and then break them down further based upon our knowledge and research of industry averages. We believe that... [ view article ]


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Ethics Awareness Inventory: Assessment of a Person ETHICAL PERSPECTIVE The Ethics Awareness Inventory is assessment of a person’s ethical perspective. This report is tool that analyzes the way a person perceives what is right from wrong. The report focuses on a person’s judgment and how he or... [ view article ]

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American Airlines Dynamic Pricing EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Revenue management is a proven technique to help service industries maximize revenue. It involves management of inventory and distribution channels and prices to maximize profits over the long run. Simply stating the technique involves selling the right product... [ view article ]

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Big Five Personality Inventory QUESTION 1: In contemporary psychology, the Big Five Personality Inventory of personality are five broad domains or dimensions of personality which are used to describe human personality. The Big five factors are Openness to Experience, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism.... [ view article ]


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