Introduction to the Nokia Mobile Phone

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It all began for Nokia when Fredrik Idestam built a paper mill back in 1865. He built another factory near Nokianvirta River, Finland, the place whose first five words gave the company its name “Nokia”. Between the years of 1865 and 1967 Nokia was recognized as a vital industrial machine; though further expansion needed a merger with a cable company and another merger with a rubber firm to set up the Nokia Corporation.

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This was the beginning of the move to electronics production by the company. The mobile phone era for Nokia began in 1981 when the first ever international mobile phone network was built called the Nordic Mobile Telephone (NMT).

Organizational Structure at Nokia

As of October 1, 2009 the organizational structure at Nokia was extremely mobile and flexible.

Nokia’s organizational structure is horizontal and it allows for greater flexibility and speedy communication channels between different departments. The devices unit looks after the development and management of mobile devices portfolio which is targeted at all major consumer segments. The solutions department ensures that it continuously develops solutions whereby ensuring that a particular mobile device has integrated contents and personalized services and the output of these three components results into a leading mobile phone for the end user. The solutions unit works with other departments in close proximity to provide such solutions.

The services department creates and designs internet services that enhance the consumer experience when Nokia phone users interact with the web. The main areas where this unit focuses on include messaging, maps, music, and Ovi developer tools. This department also ensures that there is a consistent increase in different services as the market evolves. The other significant department is Markets which acts like a supply chain department for Nokia. The unit is also responsible for sales channels, branding and marketing activities for various products and services.

The corporate development department looks for future growth opportunities and it also plans for future strategic actions that will give the company a competitive advantage against competitors. This department also provides operational supports to other core departments such as Devices, Services, Solutions and markets. Nokia Siemens Networks is a joint venture with Siemens and it provides network infrastructure which is both fixed and wireless. This division also provides communications and networks service platforms.

Finally, the last major division is NAVTEQ; this unit is a provider of detailed navigational maps and digital map data automobile navigation systems, navigation systems for mobile devices, internet mapping applications and mapping solutions to government and other businesses. NAVTEQ is an important part of Nokia’s operations since it provides downloadable maps and other content that will enhance the experience of consumers who use Nokia’s smart phones.

Corporate Governance

The way authority and responsibility is organized at Nokia it shows that the company is exemplary in its approach towards corporate governance.

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