Introduction to Racism

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The word racism is something strong that can be known by people from an early age. Moreover, those who are “high class” and learn racism from mentors such as their family members then they tease others so maybe one raised this way and it’s pass down. Although there can be others that just learn this kind of behaviors such as their peers and may think it’s entertaining so that may also be how some turn out to be racist.

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In other words, some people may find it fun to tease those who look different from their heritage, but what most do not see is that not one single race is perfect. Also, when saying a hurtful racist word towards one individual is not just referring to that one person, but the whole race and that can just cause pain towards the people. In the article, “Racism and Mental Health: Are Schools Hostile Learning Environments for Students of Color?” by Amy Masko who explains how the racism can first come to be known for people and how it can really affect them the people who are victimized by racism. For instance, in the article it says, “… racism that many children and youth of color face in their schooling is an environmental stressor that can lead to depression, anxiety, rage, and other mental distress”(Masko 62).

In addition, one word can really hurt people sometimes in can even scar them for a long period and that can even change their lives. Being young most kids do not see the bad things in each other sometimes they don’t even get taught and can be an issue while growing up because one may never know why racism is a bad thing. Moreover, why should racism still continue if one knows that every race is always going to be around they can not be avoided and just because one specific race does not like another race then deal with it because the more people like one another the more satisfied life would be.

When will it be a complete end against people who are racist? Therefore, when asked by anyone there is no real responses because it does continue on. In the article, “Is American Repeating the Mistakes of 1968?” author, Julian E. Zelizer brings up the history on how horrible it must have been, but refers what goes on in the present moment. As one can see how society is living in the past and if this continues how will that affect the future? Will there ever be a solution? For example in the article, Zelizer writes, “In July 1967, during the aftermath of the devastating race riots in Detroit, Michigan, and Newark, New Jersey- each of which started after incidents of police brutality against African Americans.”

Now if one takes a moment to look back and witness the horrific that a race suffered and those who are not victims imagine living a life where half of the daily lives are targeted from always being for having a different skin color and not being able to pass around through the city calmly that must be irritating to do the daily task.

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