Introduction to data warehouse

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This thesis could not have been written without the invaluable support of my supervisor Mr. Nigel Kermode with his review and comments this project would now have been a success. A word of thanks to Ms.

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Ambi Weerakon, who were extremely helpful and gracious with her counsel and information. Thank you for the support and advice during my project. A special acknowledgement to my family and friends, without your support this would not have been possible. Thank you for the constant support and prayers. It would be impossible for the completion of this work without any of the help from the people mentioned and the people around me.


This research has been carried out in order to identify, to what extent the implementation of a data warehouse will impact on an organization and which will be the success from various architectures. Organizations typically gather information in order to assess the business environment. In order to gain sustainable competitive advantage, and may regard such intelligence as a valuable core competence in some instances. The main aims in this research to help people make “better” business decisions by giving them accurate, current, and relevant information to be available to access when they need it. The report will research the importance of effectively managing an organization and the magnitude of implementing a data warehouse, as a knowledge management function, and in turn evaluate the key activities carried out by the business that can be done by the system. An analysis of the key functionalities of a database system that would be best suited for the organization in order to model the system solution will be conducted, as in order for information systems to perform efficiently, they cannot only store data, but will be needed to conduct further activities such as processing of the data. To accomplish such activities with data stored within the information system, business logic of the organization that the system has been designed for will be incorporated into the system. This will allow for a number of tasks that were previously carried out by individuals, to be automated.



Many issues faced by companies are concerned with market saturation so a large amount of work has to be done to remain competitive. As the workload has increased so has the necessity to have our servers achieved work at their maximum level of performance? Data warehouses have been at the forefront of computer applications as a way for management, executives, and business users to effectively use organizational data for decision support and organizational planning. Further, data warehouses have been designed and built as separate technology entities from operational and transactional systems have become the primary repositories for performing business intelligence.

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