Intro To Business And Technology

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Intro To Business And Technology

The career that I have in mind was becoming a veterinarian since I was in middle school. Once I started high school I was doing much more research than before. Luckily this career was my interest and type in any way possible. I’m most definitely interested in this career. Although there are many more choices I can choose, I still would like to go to more detail with becoming a vet.

People may not know what are veterinarians but they treat animal health problems. They work to prevent, control, and cure animal diseases. Veterinarians examine animals and ask the animal owners questions. They also give animals shots to prevent them against any type of diseases. Veterinarians talk to the owners that own the animal about the care and feeding of their animal and they keep detailed record about the animals and their treatments.

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I’ve always had an interest in taking care of animal in any type of way. Even when I was small I use to find a way to help animals. Still in this point if I see a hurt animal I will try and make it feel better. The idea of just helping animals out make my lifestyle feel important. The thought of just imagining an animal trying to say thank you because I would save his/her life just make me feel connected and grateful.

I love the idea of being a Veterinarian. I see this career as being helpful and appreciated. I know that if I become a Veterinarian I should know my responsibilities. Veterinarians also perform lab test and exams of sick animals which I need to be careful. They explain test results and review treatment options with animal owners. Although if there is more than one options available, veterinarians help owners decide which option to choose. Veterinarians often prescribe medicines for animals that are ill which they stay in contact with the owners to monitor the condition of the animal and make changes in the treatment.

There are so many types of medications for sick animals such as steroids, pain relievers, doxycycline, and antiparasitic, these medications are the most common uses in America. Steroids are given to pets for inflammation and relief pain.

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