Into the Wild and Its Character

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Being exceedingly educated and greatly mannered, society uproared when they heard the story of Chris McCandless. Having a successful family background and a perfectly successful life himself, did he throw it all away for nothing? Or did he finally leave a life a life that was built for him, that he didn’t want, and finally fulfill his dreams of living a life of adventure? Krakauer’s Into the Wild shows how Chris McCandless or Alex Supertramp influenced many others and how he vividly affected the lives around him.

Chris was very privileged and had a full life ahead of him. He had recently graduated from college, was extremely educated and had healthy amounts of money. He mentioned to his parents about how he wanted to leave and how he wouldn’t be back for a while, but his parents paid him no attention. As planned, he went missing and his family never heard from Christopher McCandless again. He continued his life as Alexander Supertramp and lived life to what he thought was the fullest. He made his way hitchhiking around the country, homeless, until he made it to Alaska where he died attempting to survive off the land.

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During his journey, he had several encounters with a variety of people worth discussion. Jan Burres, A “rubber tramp” who traveled the world selling knick-knacks at flea markets, forty-four-year-old women and in a relationship with her boyfriend Bob. Most of the people Chris made relations with were old enough to be his parents and sort of outlined the kind of parents he never had. Jan Burres and her boyfriend stopped on the side of the road where they saw Chris to consult him about their map. When they saw him using a guidebook to help him pick berries for food, Jan told Bob “Man, we got to take this kid with us. You need to school him about some things” (Krakauer 30). They took him in and he camped with them for about a week, and went with them on to their next flea market. Alex or Chris was around the same age as her son that she’d been disconnected with for multiple years now, furthering the point that she felt about him as a son like figure. He felt considerably more comfortable with Jan and Bob than his parents. Maybe it’s because he felt discluded from his biological family because he didn’t want what they wanted and Bob and Jan didn’t care about what you had, but who you were. He built relationships without discussion like a relationship with family because when you’re family, you don’t discuss it, you just are. That may be why when Ronald Franz, another character in the story, offers to adopt Chris, and Chris delays answering him, which leads us to Franz.

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