Intimation of Disparity Leading to Rising Poverty

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Ever since a society, or a country, was formed there have been various social and political issues such as brutal wars, murders, racial and gender inequality, Fair elections along the Voter Rights, and of course, poverty, which about forty-percent of the world population experience for a painfully prolonged time. The research on youth poverty that Karen Moore, Participant in Chronic Poverty Research Centre (CPRC), have made the readers to dexterously understand why peoples’ knowing the causes to youth poverty are of paramount importance to prevent the financial disparity. The argument is said to be elucidated and furthered through empirical data, with a focus on the ‘developing’ world, particularly in South-East Asia.

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Throughout the paper, Karen Moore explains a few different reasons that are causing both adult and youth poverty, and provides the readers with persuasive elements that bolster her arguments as to why poverty has been endlessly continuing and why people should find solutions.

Karen Moore uses the phrase Born poor, stay poor, as to introduce the first reasoning to poverty. She claims that if a child is born under a parental poverty, that child is going to experience a childhood poverty which will lead to possible socioeconomic and physiologic damages that persist over the life-course; moreover, there will be another adult poverty being inherited to the children while continuing the devastating cycle. Unexpectedly, she states that it is not feasible for impoverished parents to prevent their children from undergoing poverty, although, it is necessary to gradually improve the given circumstances before their children fully develop. Karen Moore then states that an absence of parent of guardianship will cause about 99.55% of children to suffer and make terrible choices (Moore 11), and the only coherent solution to this is foster care. Concluding the first reasoning, Karen Moore effectively depicts the severity of on-going intergenerational-transmitted poverty and why it gets more difficult to prevent or reverse the cycle later in life by using a chart and line graphs along the fact; Yaqub (2000) reports that in the USA people who have been in poverty for more than four years have a 90% probability of remaining poor the rest of their lives (Moore 15). The specific data that she has provided clearly shows the importance of preventing the childhood poverty before a child fully develops; furthermore, if the shortage and famine are not averted, there will be an extreme repercussion to the children. While arguing the factors that cause life-course poverty, the author aptly uses an appeal to logic and reasoning by providing appropriate facts in an attempt to persuade the reader to understand why breaking the reversing cycle of poverty is imperative.

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