Interval Safety Valves

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In this master thesis the effects of changing the test interval of the land based safety critical valves have been highlighted


Production assurance: Also referred to as regularity, is a term used to describe how capable a system is to meet demand for deliveries or performance (Norsok Z-016, 1998).

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Availability: The ability of an item to be in a state to perform a required function under given conditions at a given instant of time or during a given time interval assuming that the required external resources are provided.

Production Availability: The ratio of production to planned production, or any other reference level, over a specified period of time (Norsok Z-016, 1998)

Failure: Termination of the ability of an item to perform a required function.

Note 1: After failure the item has a fault.

Note 2: “Failure” is an event, as distinguished from “fault”, which is a state.

Failure mechanism: The physical, chemical or other processes which lead or have led to a failure.

Failure mode: The effect by which a failure is observed on the failed item.

Safety system: A system which realises one or more active safety functions

Safety functions: Physical measures which reduce the probability of a situation of hazard and accident occurring, or which limit the consequences of an accident.


Modern production systems are large, complex, automated, and integrated. Failures occur more or less frequently in these complex and large systems. For a production plant, the consequences of failure include high maintenance cost, possible loss of production, and exposure to accidents. It can also lead to annoyance, inconvenience and a lasting customer dissatisfaction that can play havoc with the responsible company’s marketplace position (Croarkin and Tobias, 2007)

So, it is important for the plant engineers and managers to make decisions that can reduce or eliminate the probability of failures or/and their consequences as well as uncertainties in production processes to get better production assurance.

Production Assurance (PA) is introduced by the Norwegian oil and gas industry, which plays a significant role in supporting the decision-making process for managers and engineers dealing with the challenges of meeting various customer requirements as well as production control needs. Therefore, there has recently been a high degree of interest in use of the production assurance concept. (J. Barabady, 2007)

Production assurance (also referred to as regularity) is a term used to describe how capable a system is to meet demand for deliveries or performance (Norsok Z-016, 1998). Production assurance may be quantified by various measures like production availability, throughput capacity, deliverability, or demand availability. The PA concept includes several other concepts, such as reliability,

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