International Intercultural Management

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In the World, we have various countries. The World, in short, is a combination of several countries. In each of these countries, we have a different culture and religion which is different from each other. For instance, we have some countries which are still stuck in their traditional cultures while others have embraced the modern culture. In other countries, we have both cultures in existence. In such a country the traditional culture bonds very well with modern culture. An example of such countries are those located in the Caribbean or the Middle East region of the World. For instance, in the Middle East Muslims have embraced a modern culture in some ways but they are still stuck to their traditional mode of dressing (Smith 2008). For our study purposes, we are going to consider two countries which share a somehow related culture in some ways. We are going to consider China and the US. One of the main factors which have led us to consider these two countries is the fact that they share an economy which is almost similar. Also, they have a population which is almost similar. The major difference between them is mainly found in the cultures of the two countries. In the US we have a population which has fully embraced the modern culture. Though we have a few citizens, who are stuck to their traditional culture mainly immigrants. When it comes to the Chinese culture, we have a blend of both modern culture and tradition culture since the country is located in the Caribbean region.

The Importance of Culture in the Overall Management

Culture is very important to the country and the people’s country at large. Culture goes a long way in determining the number of things. We are going to determine the major areas where culture is largely involved.

Determining the Nature of Interactions

Culture determines how people in a certain country are going to interact with each other. For instance, you may find people who share the modernized way of dressing choosing to live together in a village and work amongst themselves. On the other side, you find people who have a common traditional background choosing to work and live amongst themselves. A good example can be found in China, where those who have a traditional background choose not to interact with those who have a modern way of dressing. In most cases they consider their dressing code to be spiritual hence it connects them with their ancestors and their spirits. A good example is a Kimono which is worn among most women in the Caribbean regions of the World and Asia.

Determining of the Management Style

The culture goes a long way in determining the mode and style of management to be employed in the workforce. Take an example of the Chinese style of management, where they have an overall head who delegates all the duties to the other executives and their juniors.

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