International diploma in computer studies

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This is an assignment for Networking Assignment that is an elective subject in international diploma in computer studies (IDCS). Network is very important communicate each other. So, this is very important.

I would like to thank to our teacher U Tin Naing Htwe who teaches us Networking. When he teaches this subjective, we know about networking thoroughly and can implement the tasks understanding. So I would like to thank to teacher U Tin Naing Htwe and my classmate who are Phyo, Zar Yar Shi, Myint Myint Aye and ma Yee Mon. They help me for my assignment because I am a new student. MCC class is separate two kind of student which is senior and junior. I am a junior student.

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So, at first I don’t know what is an assignment? I was thought assignment is difficult for me but now I am having my assignment because of my classmate and my teacher. And thanks for my parents because they help me for assignment and they advices me this IDCS course is good for me. I like this subject and I must try to networking subject. I would like to offer acknowledge to Myanmar Company Ltd (MCC) and National Computer Company, Ltd (NCC) education.


My name is LEI LEI MON.I have student from International Diploma in Computer Studies at MCC computer training Center. It is offered by NCC Education center. There are four subjects which are networking, java, system development and business communication. In my course is finish, we must do the assignment.

The purpose of this assignment is the bank for Rural Development is set up as an apex development bank with a mandate for facilitating credit flow for promotion and development of agriculture, small-scale industries, cottage and village industries, handicrafts and other rural crafts.

This assignment is for about the new networking advice the bank on cost effective networking solutions. The bank has mostly windows based network and clients. The bank also wants their agents and branches to connect to the bank’s network securely through VPN.

What is networking?

Networking involves connecting computers and other electronic devices for the purpose of sharing information and reasons and for communication. Even thought the concept of networking is basic, a great deal of technology is required for one device to connect and communicate with another, and many choices for physical connections and related software are possible.

Site to Site Services Access Options:

  1. Frame Relay, Private Line, DSL, Metro Ethernet (2Q06), ATM (limited availability)
  2. IPSec Access via BellSouth IPSec gateway

Optional Services:

  1. eMRS Complementary Managed Router Service(soft-bundle)option
  2. Internet access with firewall feature
  3. Equipment purchase,

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