Internal Corporate Communications Audit

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CITY OF LONDON ACADEMY QUESTION: 2. Conduct an internal corporate communications audit of your organization using a set of questionnaires. Critically evaluate the results to identify strengths and weaknesses of current practices in your organization. Definations of internal corporate communications audit: A communications audit can be explained as a systematic research method which help to recognize the current condition of internal and external communications in an organization. The various features of internal corporate communications audit can be explained as below:

  • It helps to identify how past communications are handled and the strength and weaknesses of current communications practice.
  • It helps to find out various opportunities for future communications.
  • An internal corporate communications audit helps to suggest suitable communications practice for the achievement of goals and successes of the organisations.
  • It helps to analyse whether the corporate communication audit assist in overall strategy of the organisation.

Planning of internal corporate communications audit of the organizations: The internal corporate communication is held among the members of the organization. The development of the organization is highly depend on the strength of the corporate communication strategy. The various questionnaires while planning the internal corporate communication strategy are as follows:

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  • What is your message?

The focus of the internal communication strategy is the message that you delivered. All the information that you develop in your communication strategy depends on the message that you are trying to convey. The managers should convey the message to all its employees which is understandable, appropriate and meaningful. As for example; the information about plans, policies, staff guidance, annual reports, working schedule etc must be delivered by delivering the appropriate message.  

  • Who is your target audience?

The target audience is the group whom you are trying to reach with your message. Identifying the target audience is important because it helps to show how to develop your message and the form in which your message will take. The various audiences in internal communications are all the members they are related to the organization. The information must be delivered differently according to the age,

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