Insufficient Leadership in Animal Farm

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Power, the ability to direct or influence behavior of others or the course of events, causes corruption among leaders to the point of selfishness. George Orwell’s Animal Farm takes place in a farm called Animal farm during the Russian Revolution era. Selfish behavior of the leaders, and prejudice of the animals is portrayed many times throughout the novel.

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Animal Farm is a farm in England run by a man named Mr. Jones and his wife. The animals take over the farm and run it by themselves. The farm runs as a peaceful democracy, until Napoleon takes control of the farm by force. Napoleon continues to control the farm and spreads his propaganda to brainwash the animals, while disobeying the teachings of Old Major. In Animal Farm, by George Orwell, the present role of dictating pigs on animal farm, such as Napoleon and Squealer, do not meet Old Major’s expectations of leadership, due to selfish behavior and lack of control of leading the animals on Animal Farm.

As old Major states in his speech, the common enemy between all animals is man, which Napoleon does not obey while being president of Animal Farm. Old Major describes that man is the enemy for all animals, and that no animal shall have relations with man ever. Old Major states in his speech among us animals let there be perfect unity, perfect comradeship (10). Once Napoleon has power over the farm, his selfish behavior and motives begin to show. Like how Mr. Jones fed the animals to the bare minimum, Napoleon shows similar behavior when he made the hens starve for rebelling.

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