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Institutional and Corporate Drives of Global Talent Management Evidence from the Arab Gulf Region

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Article Review: Institutional and corporate drives of global talent management evidence from the Arab gulf region Contents 1. Problems: 2. Need for this study in MBA: 3. Methodology: 4. Critical discussion: Limitations: Research scope: Future application and extension of the research: 5. Summary and conclusion:

1. Problems:

The article that is selected discusses the fundamental principles for gaining effective ideas in talent management that is importantly a part of the efficient human resource management system that covers the recruitment and all the other relevant operations in organizations. The ideas are explicitly oriented from the happenings and events that have been undertaking in the gulf countries and hence the attributes of the generalized rules for the world talent management is developed and the ideas are accordingly established. The problems that are mainly highlighted in the report is that of the lack of local talent availability and outsourcing from foreign resources that evidentially burns a hole in the budget of the industries based in the ideas are also focused upon the challenges that are readily faced by the management personnel of the organizations to establish a sound quality management and selection procedure for the people. The issues that are regularly faced by the authorities of the organization to select and train the professionals who are freshly recruited and the ideas that are to be imbibed in order o effectively manage their respective talents. The strategic measurements to annihilate the problems faced in attaining balance between local adaptation and the global assimilation is accordingly highlighted in the study that has been proposed in the article. The gulf region is a developing platform and hence efficiency quotient is to be maintained accordingly. Thus the major problems that are faced in the field of institutional and corporate drives so as to attain an efficient talent management system is depicted as per the criterion.

2. Need for this study in MBA:

The article delivers the metamorphic and practical ideas that aggravates the fabrication of strategic considerations and ideologies which are effectively derived and strategically oriented so as to develop the fundamental criteria that establishes the fundamental concepts of training and development of skills for the employees that in turn stakes the talent bar high which is necessarily important for the sustainability and growth of the organization and hence the ideas are essentially of significance in corporate governance and structural support system fabrication of the organization and are also an integral part of management principles. These reasons compel to orient the article towards an important position in the field of management and hence here by lies the main reasons for this article being needed in the MBA stream exquisitely in the Human Resource stream and talent management.

3. Methodology:

The methodology that has been undertaken by the author to compile the arguments and comprehend the discussions and counter measurement of the issues for the effective conclusive idea designing is that of partially quantitative and qualitative. Firstly the numerical data for the local and global talents who all are working in the gulf markets are developed from the company records and databases, then there are managerial level professionals who all are sampled from across the entire gulf countries are interviewed and their respective ideas are deduced and hence the methods and the strategic considerations which are mandatorily used by the organizations which are functioning in the gulf region are accordingly obtained and the ideas are hence designed for the evaluation procedure that yields the final outcomes of the research. The methodology hence also contains effective and efficient reasoning by the researcher to evaluate the final outcomes and the decisive statements for the entire research.

4. Critical discussion:

The talent management is an effective and a much needed strategic unit in the human resource management panel that is organized by the company and the ideas provoke the higher rates of efficiency amongst the staff and thus yield positive results upon the organizational growth and development. The ideas are proposed in the article regarding strategizing a proper and tactical model for attaining effective talent management policies that readily deduces the fundamental elements of sustainability and instigates better performances by recruitment of talented individuals that should be fruitful for the organization in more ways than one. The ideas are to be drawn based upon the argumentative status and the development of the ideas also ensures the stabilized growth for the institutional and corporate drives that explicitly catalyses the growth processes of the organization. The discussion in the critical evaluation of the article can be effectively summarized as per the following categorical heads which up holds the various characteristic attributes of the article.


The article evaluates the possibilities and the probabilities that are effectively are compiled by the authors to develop the ideas based upon the gulf countries only this in a way had been a factor that limits the research from being generalized and has given a more generic touch to the article. The ideas are drawn by interviewing the professionals across different regions of the gulf countries and this develops the ideas from the managerial point of view a different angle would have consolidated the research further if along with the higher authorities the recruits were also interviewed which would definitely have added a fresh perspective to the research and hence the arguments deduced at the end would have comprised of better back up theories and information.

Research scope:

The research has been extensive evaluation of institutional and corporate drives for effective talent management principles in organizations scattered across the gulf countries and are the ones which are comprehended after detailed experimentation and evaluation of the adhered topics and hence the ideas are analysed and developed accordingly to suggest the management teams to strategize better talent management programs for increasing the overall staff efficiency in an impressive manner and hence the ideas are obtained accordingly and the ideas are accurately shed light upon for the benefits of the organization. This also effects the balancing of the local and global adaptation norms of the organizations. There lies the scope of the research and hence the ideas are obtained accordingly with acute dissimilation of the article and critical evaluation of the same.

Future application and extension of the research:

The research as evidently seen is limited to the domain of the organizations functioning within the gulf region only and hence in future this can be extended over a global platform and hence diversified ideas can be obtained. The outcomes of the research can explicitly be applied in the normative approaches for human resourcing strategies and management of the same. The ideas are extensively applicable and are of immense value in practical world and have the capability to work wonders for the organization by heavily amplifying the talent quotient of the organizations and hence stabilize the operations and growth.

5. Summary and conclusion:

The article summarizes the fundamental traits and attributes of talent management based upon the strategies undertaken by the organizations functioning across the gulf countries. The ideologies are based upon the interviews of the managerial personnel for the tactical evaluation of the strategies undertaken for the talent management in respective organizations and hence the strategic outcomes are comprehended by the researcher for the concept consolidation of the reader regarding the talent management and the essential adhered attributes. The fundamental techniques that are adapted are categorically deduced and discussed in the article. The report hereby evaluates the functional attributes and the characteristic properties of the article and the analysis is done accordingly as per the specified technical criteria which are steadily evaluated and expressed accordingly under selected categorical heads and thus the report may now be concluded.
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