Innovative Financial Instruments

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Collection of secondary data:

  • Historical data from sites of NSE, BSE, SEBI etc
  • Getting Data from newspapers
  • Getting data from the Various Research papers published.
  • Collecting data from various Books available on the topic.
  • Review of Previous Management Research Reports
  • Getting Access to Instruments available in India from SEBI websites.

Findings and Conclusions

  • In India financial market majorly denotes equity markets.
  • Indian debt market is not well developed and still 80% of market is under Government securities.
  • Securitization has to be done on assets held by Banks.
  • Bond market needs a great consideration in terms of junk bonds
  • An effort can be made to develop Carbon Emission and National growth index.
  • Commodities Options should be developed in India.
  • Credit derivatives should be developed with consideration of all the possible types of Credit derivatives.
  • In a country with major income from Agriculture, Weather derivatives should be introduced to protect the interest of various involved parties.
  • To mitigate the Catastrophe hazards new technique for risk management should be introduced.
  • Financial development Index to measure the developments in various parameters to conclude growth in real terms.


Despite the accelerated industrial growth experienced this decade from recent economic reforms, most major investors around the globe do not yet see India as an ideal country for foreign investment. The competition for global capital will only get tougher in the years to come, and unless the political, judicial and economic environments are right, India will lag behind many other emerging nations. More importantly, the rising expectations of the middle-class, widening income and wealth inequalities between the haves and have-nots, require efficient initiatives from Government and corporate to attract and accommodate the funds available.

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Variety of financial products like mutual funds, insurance, shares, debentures, derivative instruments, etc. are available in India. However, the reach of these products is very limited and the features of many of these products are very basic in nature. Further development and innovation in these products would be faster if they are accessed by all classes of investors in urban as well as rural areas. The thrust lies mainly on the development of new financial products to deepen the improvements in the product distribution itself. The responsibility of ensuring these improvements vests with all the stakeholders in the financial services industry.


The Indian financial market has been primarily divided into three categories namely: Equity; Debt; Derivatives. Every category has its own importance in the development of financial markets. In most of the developed nations after the development of Equity now the major focus is on Debt and Derivatives market.

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