Influence Of The Old Stereotypes

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In order to build a strong and coherent society, there is a need to give every individual the necessary freedom to be able to produce in his or her highest ability. This can be achieved by putting every individual in a suitable and deserved position in the society. Both men and women are the essence of the human societies.

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Margret Mowczko, Writer and advocate for women state, Women in the ancient Roman world, especially in Athens, were founding cities, engaged mercenaries, and command armies (Mowczko 4). However, throughout history, societies in most times failed to give women the positions they deserved; women were always marginalized, so women’s roles in society were considered of low importance compared to men’s.

According to Cynthia Connolly and Naomi Rogers not long ago the wisdom was saying that men were doctors and women were nurses (Connolly and Naomi Rogers 45). Beside their great and necessary roles in the society, pregnancy and taking care of children, they had other roles, like some of their obligations towards their husbands and parents. History shows how young the girls were getting married. The society didn’t have higher expectations for women. Therefore, the achievements that were done by women didn’t get the enough attention. In the history, there were great women that the history was forced to remember because of their high intelligence and ability to influence people around them, like Cleopatra, who became a pharaoh of great Egypt, Shajar al-Durr “who ruled Egypt successfully, and the Queen Bilqis, who was the king of Sheba “one of the oldest civilizations in the history. Bilqis was the only heir of the ruler of Sheba, but people didn’t accept her role because she was a woman. Thus, when people discovered her magnificent ability in ruling they were forced to accept her, and she became a famous figure in the history after she married King Solomon. The influence of the stereotypes associated with women can be grasped from the story of the Queen Bilqis.

Therefore, stereotypes always played a big role in the status of women in the societies. In today workplace, women are suffering from gender bias. Women are considered to be less ambitious than men. Yale University researches in 2012 found that women were considered less competent, and they were paid less in University jobs (Aragon and Ashbaugh). Moreover, women are not advancing the way men are advancing, but they always face a point where they find themselves unable to surpass. Adding to that, there are lots of sexual harassment cases occur against women. There are a lot of reports come out of women who are mistreated by their managers. It is important to make a research about the transformation of the stereotypes of the ancient times to the modern world. In the poor and developing countries,

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