Influence of the Media on Teens Drinking

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Alcohol is the most preferred drug among the young generation hence, the most widely abused substance. Most teenagers are facing the consequences of engaging themselves in alcohol consumption habits at an early age. According to Beck et al.

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(633), many factors lead to alcohol abuse among the young generation. Also, as children move from childhood to teenage age, the experience many changes in their lives. Some of these changes are emotional, physical lifestyle changes. Also, some development transitions like puberty and the increased sense of independence have been directly linked to the abuse of alcohol among young people. Finally, in this Century, alcohol consumption is in most places of the globe is seen as a form of entertainment hence, creating room for teenagers to drink. The paper covers an analysis of the influence of the media on alcohol consumption among teenagers. The media has a more significant influence on the lives of most young people. According to Austin et al. (376), with the rising advertisements on alcohol, teens are exposed to drinking ideas since these publications make drinking look more appealing to them. Most of these commercials on alcohol do not provide a warning to the teenagers on the effects of alcohol drinking but instead, promotes these drinks. Many of the commercials on alcohol portrays it positively. There are apparent both positive and negative impacts of alcohol consumption, but these ads make younger viewers think that the idea of drinking is fun hence, the temptation to try to arise. An example of an alcohol advertising video is the Superbad movie. The movie starts two adolescents with the names Seth and Evan. The two are about to graduate from high schools, but before the graduation day, they want to attend a party to break their virginity. While planning their party, one of their friends known as Fogell reveals his intention to obtain a fake identity Card and Seth uses the plan to take advantage and go purchase alcohol with the fake ID. After Fogell goes to the store and successfully purchases the drinks, a robbery takes place where robbers come is and punches his face before stealing the money from the cash register.

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