Influence Of Research On Mental Health Practice

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Mental health is a crucial part of the overall wellness of a human being. The United States of America is committed to providing quality mental health care to its citizens. Mental health agencies and other facilities advocate for the prevention of mental illnesses through early identification of signs related to these illnesses.

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Various studies show that the rates of occurrence of mental illnesses among the American people have increased over the years. The government in conjunction with the health sector has dedicated resources to ensure that mental health patients have access to health care. The treatment rates have reduced significantly. More patients are now able to access healthcare services by use of insurance coverage. However, there is need to improve the workforce in this sector in order to cater for all the increasing needs of these patients. Research shows that mental illnesses among the youth rose from 6% in 2012 to 8% in 2015.Depression among the youth is mainly caused by peer pressure (Flannelly, 2017, p. 230). Social media is also a major contributor to mental illnesses in the country. Many youths isolate themselves from real life situations and depend on social media for comfort and entertainment. As a result, they experience a lot of bullying on social media. If they do not have access to counseling services, these youths suffer from depression and some go to an extent of committing suicide. Drug and alcohol abuse is also a major cause of mental health disorders. Research shows that in America, one in five adults suffers from a mental illness. This translates to over thirty-five million citizens.

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