Industrial Revolution Was A Significant

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The Industrial Revolution was a significant time of change. This is where many changes to the manufacturing processes took place that caused a lot of controversy. During the Industrial Revolution liberals were becoming more prevalent as more people were being treated worse as factory workers. A liberal during the Industrial Revolutions time were usually middle class. They were not rich, but they also were not considered as poor.

They did not support the conditions that factory workers had to work in. They pushed for laws to be created so that factory workers can be treated equally. They also opposed other laws such as the Corn Laws. There were many influential people that were against the Industrialization, due to the unjust treatment of the factory workers. One of these significant figures was William Cobbett, a first-rate literary brawler and radical publicist (DR I, Page 44).

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According to Documentary Reader I, Cobbet seen the Industrialization in England as very suspicious and this is what led him to resist against the Corn Laws and also join the fight with Englands middle classes to push for laws that will put an end to the rotten borough system that had long advantaged the rural, conservative south in English politics (DR I, Page 44). This example shows how the Industrialization period brought many controversies and how the middle class and others came together to uproot these processes.

Being a factory worker during this period was not very pleasant. Many of the workers were young and were not treated in the best fashion. The factory workers would have to work extremely long hours with little to support their families. The factories were unhealthy and not safe as many injuries occurred. Cobbett expressed in his writings how he was ashamed of the conditions many of the workers had to endure.

From his writings, Cobbett states, that he expressed deep shame of how the laboring people were being treated. Specifically in his writing, Cobbett expressed how Dogs and hogs and horses are treated with more civility (DR I, Page 48). This section of Cobbetts writings proved of the treatment that the factory workers had to go through. The parallels that Cobbett used to describe the treatment as saying that animals were treated better is a statement that best proves that the masters that owner these factories were callous, selfish, and only seen profit rather than respect.

As mentioned before,

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