Industrial Revolution Took Place

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This paper explores three published articles that show how the Industrial Revolution started and shaped society. The Industrial Revolution began in Britain during the 18th century and later moved to other countries such as Germany, France, and the United States. This is the time when agricultural societies became more industrialized. Industrial Revolution drastically changed society, because before the Industrial Revolution people were mostly in small rural communities and everything was handmade, life was difficult before the industrial revolution. People had to produce their own food, clothing, furniture, and tools.

When the Industrial Revolution took place machines and factories replaced merchants. Also, transportation, communication and banking became more advanced due to the Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution changed the difference between the rich and the poor drastically. The Industrial Revolution made the gap larger because the workers of the factory were barely making enough to support their families and the owner of the factories were getting all the profits. Birth place of industrialization Industrial Revolution evolved in Britain in the 18th century, mass production factories started to take place.

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Industrial Revolution changed Britains society forever because everything had changed. British industries were small workshops, and everything was made by hand before the Industrial Revolution. Britain was dependent on India for cotton however after the Industrial Revolution they can take raw cotton and made the thread themselves. Soon After the Industrial Revolution moved beyond Britain to United States because of a man named Samuel Slater known as the father of the American Industry. According to the article McNeese, T. (2017). In 1789, 21-year-old Slater was a manager at the Cromford Mill. That same year, he read an advertisement placed by the Pennsylvania assembly in a local paper in Derby.

The ad was a recruiting call for Englishmen who had the skills to build textile-producing machinery, to immigrate to the States. Any such skilled individual was promised a cash reward. At that time, advanced English textile technology was kept under legal lock and key, with laws declaring it illegal for any such individual to immigrate out of Great Britain. Any such textile expert who tried could be imprisoned. Slater was intrigued and enticed by the Pennsylvania legislature’s offer. Soon, he began memorizing the mechanics of the mill where he worked, making furtive sketches and drawings at home. Arkwright’s ideas were going to America. By September 1789, Slater was on his way to London where he bought his passage on a ship bound for the U.S., putting down on his application for immigrating that he was a “farm boy his “disguise” was simple he simply donned the clothes of a country farmer.

Here was young Slater, taking an alias, smuggling himself out of his native country, to gain advantages for a new life of textile-making in America.

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