Industrial Revolution Paper

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In my research thus far I have found that alcohol, the beverage business, and the attitudes surrounding alcohol experienced significant changes during the Industrial Revolution. Alcohol would have never been mass produced without the technology developed during the revolution. Existing varieties of beverages such as beer would not have experienced improvements or variations without this period. Temperance movements gained popularity during this period and were successful in vilifying alcohol consumption.

Key Points
1. The Industrial Revolution allowed for the mass production of beer.
2. Technology developed during the Industrial Revolution shaped modern alcoholic offerings.
3. Temperance movements gained traction during this period.

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This topic relates to A-S 121 Liquid Libations in that alcohol had a significant presence in the working class during Industrial Revolution. Our class focuses on the history of different beverages. The Industrial Revolution produced workers who used alcohol as a medicine, a mental escape, and a social tool. As temperance movements progressed during this period, employers also sought to keep it out of workplaces to cut down on accidents, errors, absenteeism, etc.

Temperance movements also made consuming alcohol and public drunkeness less socially acceptable by deeming them sinful and a risk to their ability to be in good standing with their god. The Industrial Revolution also gave way to the mass production of alcohol, thus making beverages such as beer even more popular outside the workplace. This mass production also gave way to new variations of alcoholic beverages.

The Industrial Revolution was a period of transition from an agrarian lifestyle to more dense city populations,

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