Industrial Revolution began in Europe

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The Industrial Revolution began in Europe in the late 1700s. This was a time of new methods of work and new inventions. The industrial revolution was a time of change in the economy and transition to the manufacturing of new goods. It dramatically changed the way people lived. Although it benefited the world, it also had some negatives.

During the industrial revolution, people began moving from rural areas to urban cities. In rural areas, they were using handmade tools, clothing, and grew their own food (document 1a). When urban cities began to form, so many people were moving, the rural way of life began to disappear. These villages grew into industrial cities which led them to produce goods quicker and cheaper. Those who lived in an urban society were able to buy clothing, food, and tools that somebody else made, using a machine (document 1b).

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In 1769 Arkwright created the water-frame and James Watt got a license for the steam engine. Sixteen years later it pertained to the cotton mill, Watt and Boulton made an engine for it at Papplewick in Notts. These two things introduced the factory system (document 2). At the beginning of the industrial revolution the wages of spinners and weavers increased because with all the mass produce it brought to trade. 1788-1803 was called the golden age because, in those fifteen years, the cotton trade tripled itself. In the cottage of weavers, each family brought forty to one-hundred twenty shillings per week (document 2). The iron industry had been equally revolutionized by the invention of smelting by pit-coal (document 2).

In eight years the amount of iron that was being made doubled. 1830-1840, Samuel Morse developed a new invention. The telegraph. This is a way of long distance communication. It carried information using dots and lines at a high speed,

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