Individual Uses Certain Cosmetic

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When an individual uses certain cosmetics, takes antibiotics, or even gets vaccines, they are supporting the practice of animal testing either knowingly or unknowingly. Animals are tested, mostly by companies, with the intent of verifying that products and other materials are safe for human use. Although this practice can be beneficial for humans, testing on animals is abusive, the practice is unreliable, and animal testing costs an extravagant amount of tax money; therefore, this practice should be deemed illegal, and alternative practices should be used.

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Animal testing is an abusive practice that studies, tortures, and causes the death od over 100 million animals each year (Animal Testing 101). Although many individuals believe that animals do not feel pain, like humans, they do.

A large reason why animal testing is viewed as so abusive is due to the degree in which animals are treated. For example, according to Sarah Rose A. Miller, One commonly used procedure is the Draize Test, which is used to test household products for harmful chemicals. In the Draize Eye Irritancy Test, solutions are applied immediately to the subjects’ eyes-usually a group of albino rabbits. This often causes intense pain and destroys the rabbits’ eyes, leaving them raw and bleeding. After the test period (around seven hours), the rabbits are killed so they can be examined for internal damage. As one can see, animals encounter extreme abuse in this setting; researchers view the animals as objects rather than living beings who feel pain.

The animals do not have any say in how they want to live their lives, and they are tortured to death. Not only is animal testing painful for animals, but it also can easily ruin an animal’s quality of life. For example, according to Bogdan Marinescu and Cristin Coman, many researchers and animal testers snip animals ears, remove body parts to test them, severely burn them, and use many other methods of testing (Marinescu, B., & Coman, C.). As one can see, animals go through a great deal of pain and suffering when in this captivity, and this contributes to their poor quality of life.

In addition, the majority of animals that are tested on are confined to a very small space, which also makes a large contribution to the animal’s poor quality of life (Miller). Lastly, animals are tested on with chemicals, and this practice can significantly harm them. According to Sarah Miller, This procedure is used to measure the toxicity of a substance-the amount of the substance it takes to kill half a group (generally 200) of test animals. The test usually goes on for days, and the animals suffer extreme pain and distress. As one can see, humans are insensitively exposing animals to chemicals and seeing if they survive it or not in order to test that it is safe.

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