Individual Career Development Plan ICDP

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Summary of Makeitha Shamburger’s Concern & Relevant History

For the purpose of fulfilling the requirements for this assignment, I had the opportunity to interview Makeitha Shamburger. Growing up in rural Wilcox County, her parents had a very prosperous business of home renovations. Makeitha had a passion and love for interior designing every since she was a high school student.

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She enjoyed visiting home improvement stores, interior design stores, and researching hospitality and residential designing. She took home economics in high school to strengthen her knowledge /skills. She also took a course in graphic design so she could learn about creating logos for her future boutique. So, it wasn’t shocking that she decided to pursue interior design as a major in college. She attended the University of Alabama and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design. The program of study included a New York tour, which allowed her to attend furniture fair and meet with professionals in the industry.
After completing the program, she thought it would be easy to obtain a job in Birmingham, Alabama.

To no avail, she was unable to seek employment within the field. Many employers told her they needed individuals with job experience. But being a recent graduate, she lacked the skill. After several months of searching for interior designing job in Alabama, she decided to move to Atlanta, Georgia to seek employment. She encountered the same problem, of not having enough experience. So, she decided to take some classes at the Arts Institute of Atlanta as a resume builder while she searches for employment. On an interview one day, an interviewer told her the story of wanting someone with experience. He asked her if she did an internship, which she did not. He later advised her to consider volunteering at a firm or at their business. She had never thought of the idea of volunteering as a means of getting experience. So, that is what she did. It was a great resume booster, which allowed her to gain experience and references. While doing volunteer work, she learned a lot about textiles and kitchen design.

While doing volunteer work, she had to move home due to a family situation. With the decline of unemployment and relocating to the highest economic challenging county in the state, the family business declined. With the lack of income and a dying passion, she questioned herself as if it really was a passion. After self -reflection and thinking, she realized she only pursued this profession due to family pressures and growing up in the industry. As an adult without any career path or idea of what she would do next, she considered joining the military.

However, she later decided that was not the best idea for her.

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