India’s law on acid attacks

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Chapter 6 Conclusions and Recommendations It can be concluded from the research of the laws prevalent in various countries that India has recognized the effects and the increasing incidence of acid violence in the country over the last few years. India has now made acid violence a specific offence and have through legislation ensured that victims be provided free treatment in both government and private hospitals. Also through the Supreme Court judgment it is mandated that the victim be given a minimum of 3 lakhs Rs.

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as compensation by the State government. But still the implementation lacks as there are no agencies / bodies created at the state or district level to ensure that the mandatory provisions are implemented. There is an absence of National/State Monitoring Board or any National / State Victim Fund to adhere to the needs of the victims and also to ensure implementation at the ground level. The National Commission for Women in 2008 recommended establishment of National/State Monitoring Board and a National / State Victim Fund for the purpose but till now no such body is in existence. Even regards compensation and regulating sale and use of corrosive acids, the states have not come out with their policies despite repeated directions by the Supreme Court over the last few years. Also there is no grievance redressal system in place like the Special Acid Violence Tribunals created in Bangladesh. Recommendations- Recommendations with regards to Medical Support- Victims of acid violence need urgent medical support as time is of the essence. The first aid and the medical treatment, including cosmetic surgeries etc. are very expensive. Even in cases of less severe burns the amount spent in surgeries runs into lakhs of Rupees. Inspite of the Supreme Court’s guidelines and provisions in the I.P.C and Cr.P.C, the victims of acid violence face many obstacles in receiving free treatment and also seeking compensation from the Government. From the ground realities it is observed that therein lays the problem of implementation. In many cases of acid violence reported the victims still await the much needed compensation[1] and are denied the essential treatment on technical grounds. Also any delay in the surgery and skin-grafting procedures causes new skin to grow over the burnt skin causing further disfigurement. So to ensure effective implementation it is proposed:-

  • That the Government issue Acid Victim cards to the victims of acid attack which are recognized and accepted in various Government and private hospitals in the Delhi- NCR area ensuring sppedy medical and first-aid treatment to the victims.
  • That such hospitals be mandated to provide medicines and other services free of costs to the victims possessing these Govt. Issued Acid Victim Cards since many of the victims are poor and cant afford even the medicines let alone the surgeries.

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