Indian Wedding vs American Wedding

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Indian Wedding VS American Wedding Every country and every religion have their own traditions and its help to differentiate each other. Even though wedding ceremony has the same meaning in every culture, the way of celebration is different. An Indian marriage is essentially different from a typical American wedding. Indian wedding is about the association of family members follow the traditions, functions, customs while traditional American Wedding is about Bridal shower, Bridal Party, The veil, kissing the bride, the groom’s cake and the honeymoon. Indian marriages start with searching the bride or groom as a part of arranged marriage. It is considered to be the most acceptable form of marriage till date in most of the communities in India. Both of families fully involved in searching the bride or the groom. I still remember that day when I had first meeting with my husband in presence of my family members at my house. I had talk with him for two hours and then I discussed with my parents. Then my parents had conversation with his family. When the both families were agreed, they fixed the date for marriage. In contrast in the US, arranged marriage is a retard thing to do and is very uncommon. Bride and groom already knew to each other from long time. They have full power to make a decision for marriage. In India wedding is the big and three to five days event while American marriages does not take too much time. When I got marry, my all family members involved one month before the actual date as they did all the planning by themselves. In contrast American wedding arrangements done by marriage planner and only the bride and groom can decide what they want to do. The homes of the bride and of the groom are decorated 5-10 days before as part of the decorations of this special day in India while In America homes are not important part of marriage as they don’t celebrate at home. Traditional American weddings are organized in a place of worship like in a church or they reserve the venue. Both the bride and groom send out wedding invitation cards with all lists of three days program and timings to their respective guests separately. Wedding invitation cards may be printed in any of the many Indian languages or English, or both. Even if it is printed in English, the ancient Vedic Sanskrit mantras are still printed on the cards. Sanskrit mantras in English make for interesting text to read. In contrast American wedding cards printed in English with formal language. You have approximate idea about your guests as they response on your invitation, but in India you have to guess, there is no approximate, all most all guest would be involve.

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