Increased Amounts of Education for Those Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect

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This article is focusing on the problems nurses face when attempting to report knowing if a child is being abuse and neglected and the reason and what barriers nurses face with. This paper will include information that was covered in the article, explain how the research was conducted, and provide ways to improve in this area when becoming a nurse and being faced with the same issues. It will also have suggestions and ideas on how future research may be implemented into nursing education.

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Finally, the author’s interpretation on whether or not the extra education is going to improve the outcome of missed child abuse and neglect cases.

Key Points

The purpose of this study was to understand why so many children that are being abused and the reporting of child abuse and neglect are not being done.

According to Piltz, child abuse is any abusive act that causes physical harm to a child and neglect is the adults failure to provide adequate care of the child. This study was done to figure out what and why there are so many suspected cases of child abuse and neglect that go unreported. The way they did their research on this was by the use of surveys. The surveys were given to staff in several different countries and that information was used to compile the evidence found. Nurses are required to report any suspected cases of abuse or neglect, but many cases are missed due to lack of education regarding signs and symptoms to look for. Their research shows that nurses that are afraid of retaliation or if they had no physical evidence they tended to not report anything.

Analysis of Research

The two methods used to for researching a medical analysis, they are qualitive and quantitive methods. In quantitive research there are two variables, the first one is a group of people who receive the intervention and the second is the group that does not receive the intervention (control group). In qualitative research it is based more on subjective information. It is gathered through interviews or direct observation and is a lived experience by the patient, (Knecht, 2017). The research conducted for the barriers that inhibit nurses reporting suspected cases of child abuse and neglect used both the qualitative and quantative method. It used questionnaires and interviews to find out why nurses seemed to fail reporting suspected cases of child abuse.

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