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In Truman Capote’s true crime novel “In Cold Blood”, it recalls the gruesome murders of the members of the clutter family, a much loved family that were huge members of their tight knit community in Holcomb, Kansas. The book begins from the family’s perspective and gives us insight to the lives they lived. It showed us that people really loved the Holcombs, and how, as the book describes, it was a community where no one locked their doors.

Capote is able to give his readers, an insight to the impact a loss of a human life or lives really does to others. We are given very specific details and how the Clutter family impacted Holcomb and how important and loved they were by everyone in the town and in just one night, those people who were so loved, were taken away.

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Before the night of the actual murder, we are introduced to the killers, Perry and Dick. Their pasts are unknown in the begging but what the author gives us is that they are going to get a huge score, with us having no idea what the score is. Dick does stress one thing to Perry throughout the way, “No witnesses.” It’s a very ominous foreshadowing for what’s to come.
The Clutters are found in the morning by the Nancy’s two friends, and the police show up. We are shown in gruesome that each family member has been bound and blasted with a shotgun in the head almost point blank, all with the exception of Herb, who not only has been shot, but has his throat slit.

A investigation is started right away, led by Dewey. They look for clues and leads, but almost nothing turns up. This not only shocks the town of Holcomb, but causes people to turn against one another or even leave the town with their families for good.

The way Capote drops hints and uses dramatical irony to have the reader piece together the case that others will figure is a wonderful part of the book.

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