Importance Of Time Management For Nursing Students

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You may delay, but time will not stated Benjamin Franklin. The quote is true for all decades and generations. In simple thoughts, time is something that everyone can lose and never get it back.

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Time cause a change in the world for better if ones can manage their time efficiently. A daily cycle has twenty-four hours period which is one of those things cannot be changed, but people are always wishing they had more time available in a day because they have too many things to do. People do not control time, but they can have more time by utilizing their time wisely. Proper time management is actually changing oner’s life on a fundamental basis, especially in the nursing profession. A job will ease and efficiency if a nurse applies to time management while in nursing school and in an actual healthcare environment.

I am taking the class was named the foundation of vocational nursing practice this semester, and have an opportunity to have a conversation with the nursing instructor about time management skill. Her name is Antonette Carter who is currently teaching the vocational nursing program at Chaffey College. She tells her story about how she became the professor and how difficult she overcome while she was in school. According to the professor, she said: if you are one of the few fortunate enough to be in a nursing program, you need to make school your priority, to do so takes time. She has seen many students who are deeply concerned about their inability to do well in class and the most frequent reason is they do not have time. But having a chance to become a nurse, it is an opportunity that does not come to everyone and may not come to everyone a second time. After explaining, she points out time management is very important key for the nursing profession. She also demonstrates how time management affects to academic achievement, reduce stress and anxiety. Indeed, being a successful nursing student takes time and need help from others to have time available for school. Nurses need to sacrifice now reap tremendously and they will get a reward later in their lives.

Siviterrelates research conducted recently that shows time management is expressed in optimally use the time available including aspects of planning, setting, and prioritizing goals. Appealing to the readers, individuals can carry out several tasks, perceive their responsibilities and adapt with limitations by managing themselves in a single time is very important in the nursing profession. A goal without a plan is just a wish, states Antoine de Saint- Exupery, the French poet and a hero fighter pilot who perished in World War Two. Her research indicates that planning a goal is a key to mapping out the direction in which people should head.

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