Importance of teaching Eco-literacy in Texas Schools

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The human population is rapidly increasing at an alarming rate not only in the United States but also in all parts of the world. The United Nations statics show that the world population is currently at seven billion people. “How the world population is changing is of great impact for the humanity’s impact on the earth’s natural environment” (Roser & Ortiz-Ospina 2017).

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People ought to understand the importance of conserving the environment in which they live in. In order for people to live in a sustainable environment, they ought to understand ecological systems which further means they must be ecologically literate. According to Capra, to be ecologically literate refers to “understanding the principles of organization of ecological communities and using those principles to for creating a sustainable human community” (Capra, 1996, p.81). Thus, eco-literacy education is vitally important to the society and it should be taught in all school in Texas. Ecological literacy is all about building a sustainable society. Failure to understand the natural eco-systems that sustain our lives in the society would make life on the planet impossible. Teaching ecological literacy in Texas schools would improve student’s knowledge and instill values that would help them solve future social challenges. The future the next generations lies in our own hands and our environment remains to be a critical area that humans should conserve. Destruction of the natural eco-systems puts our life on the planet at risk. Animals such dinosaurs which inhabited the earth decades of years ago no longer exist due to man activities. Rivers are drying up, deserts are being created every day, pollution levels have increasingly escalated making the world danger place to live in. Ecological education is vitally important as it ensures humans understand their relationship with natural eco-systems. There is an urgent need for the population to be made aware of the dangers associated with destruction of the environment. For instance, most people have never experienced how terrible it is to live in a place where water scarcity is frequent. Water is the most important natural resource that supports life on the planet. Most communities around the world do have access to fresh water. Therefore, activities that may lead to scarcity of this natural resource must be avoided. Humans should learn from the previous generations the importance of making the environment a sustainable place to live in. Animals, plants, humans and other living non-living depend on one another to ensure life on earth is possible. For instance, if there would be no plants human survival on earth would not be possible. People should understand the value of trees and be encouraged to plant more trees. The same tree that provide humans with oxygen act as birds’ habitants. Therefore, cutting down trees jeopardizes the lives of the birds that find shelter in those trees.

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