Importance of Grandmothers in the Evolution Perspectives

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Pieces of evidence have evolved that the grandmothers were very crucial in the history of human evolution. They assisted their species to evolve social skills and have a long life. For centuries, anthropologist and evolutionary researchers have struggled to bring the idea and explain the existences of the menopause stage, a human life stage that is not shared with the primate relatives.

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The researcher asks themselves why it would be necessary for the female being stopped being able to bear children with some decades left to live. According to the article; Proceeding of the royal society. It is suggested that the grandmothering stage was the first stages that make society who we are. The article explains that the menopause stage underappreciated the evolutionary value of the grandmothers (D. van Bodegom, 2010). Grandmothering assists the society and the community at large to develop a whole spectrum of social capacity that is the foundation of the for the evolution of other differentiated human behaviors which include, bigger mental brains, pair bonding, learning new skills and the tendency of for corporation with other people of the society. The research was conducted by a mathematical biologist where he was using a computer in compiling the simulation to provide a statistical evidence in the grandmother’s hypothesis. To assess the strength of the ideas, the researcher simulated what would then happen to the lifespan of a hypothetical species primate if they introduced grandmother and menopause as part of SS structure in the system. In the evolutionary theory, the grandmother was influential in the society as they would help in the collection of the food to feed the children before they reach the age of feeding themselves. Assuming that the grandmothers were not there and a mother has given birth and had other young children, the chances of them surviving was less because unlike the other primate, human s are not able to feed themselves and take care of themselves after the period of weaning. The parent must devote themselves, their time and attention to the new baby at the expenses of the older children. But the presence a grandmother can resolve this problem by stepping in and acting as a supplementary caregiver to the children. The researcher has the extent of offering grandmother care and do not always specify the circumstances under which it occurs. Its frequency and the arrangement of parents can alongside the grandparent care and make it hard to make a clear picture (Gray, 2013). The grandmother plays an eminent function in providing children care and offering support employment more so for the low earning families. From research, the grandparent was the main child care arrangement for thirty-five percent of the families selected where the women were either studying or working when the children are of some months old,

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