Implications of Nurse Practitioners on Children

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Nurse practitioners implications on children refers to the nurse related influences that affect children.  Normally, nurses plays a key role in providing quality health care to their patients. To maintain health standards in all healthcare units, certain ethical codes have been formulated to guide the professional in their daily activities. Therefore, this paper has been set to discuss in details the implications NP implications on children.

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How implications of nurse practitioners on children has been conceptualized and managed in the past Nurse practitioners are very responsible in providing high quality care to their clients. They are usually confronted with no doubt for various ethical challenges while performing their daily activities in accordance the required health regulations.

They are actually faced with several ethical problems in their professional exercise, and therefore they should familiarise themselves with those ethics and the advantage realised when decisions are made based on ethical codes of conduct. The ethical codes have been put in use in previous years by several professions. Nursing, among other trusted professions, the universal ethical implications have also been severally used by almost all known professionals globally.  Besides, the first ethical codes were transnationally put in use for nurses and adopted by the International Council of Nurses in the year 1953 (Lines, Hutton, & Grant, 2017).   The codes were meant to provide high quality health care to children.

How the Ethical and Historical Tenets of Research Are Reflected and Addressed

Reflective practices are mostly used but they have failed to define adquate nursing concepts. One of the reasons for this may be the lack of enough conceptualization of the reflection process.

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