Imperialism in the Spanish-American War

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Since the United States have become their own country, it has gone through many changes in status. Before becoming a country, the United States was merely a series of territories belonging to multiple countries. When we began to advance in status, we learned that one key to success was a strategy called imperialism.

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Imperialism happens when a country uses its military and relationships with other countries to gain control of other territories. This system makes the power of the country rely on the territory that the country has obtained. In the late nineteenth century, the ways of imperialism were very popular in America because they wanted to expand their territory in order to become more powerful.

        In the late nineteenth century, Spain didn’t have power over very much land. The only territories they had were Puerto Rico, Cuba, some islands in the Pacific, and a couple of small territories in Africa. They were wanting more territory, like the United States, and they were set on defending the territories they were already in rule over. They may have been so possessive because only years before, the Spanish territory was in power of much more land than it was at the time before the Spanish-American War.

        The Spanish-American War was really sparked with the fight for the independence of Cuba. When they decided that they wanted independence, the Spanish decided that they needed to fight back because they did not want to lose one of the few territories that they still had ownership over. Cuba was very important to the Spanish Empire; it was so important that Spain gave the territory of Florida to Britain in order to keep control of Havana,

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