Imperialism Has Significantly Influenced

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Throughout the 19th to 20th century, imperialism has significantly influenced the economic, political, and social lives of the Europeans. It encompasses the extension of rule and authority to an empire over other foreign countries. Although many countries lost their freedom and independence as a result of imperialism, they were still able to develop new technologies and advancements. An enduring issue that has conflicted with many societies across time is the impact of competition for power.

The possession of control ensures growth in human behavior, human interactions, and economy. The competition for such control influences our perception of the world, belief in superiority, and belief in nationalism. Overtime, the shift and redistribution of economic power creates instability, influenced by the developments in new technologies.

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Competition for power has shaped the way we look at the world and different religions. Before the 18th century, Islamic scholars believed it was unacceptable for people living on Muslim property to be treated the same way as nobles, chiefs, and scholars (Document 1). They continued to state how non-Muslims shouldn’t be able to clothe themselves in the same manner because they would offend the Muslims and they aren’t worthy of riding a noble symbol, such as the horse. The non-believers should not be given the same opportunities and rights as the believers. The Islamic scholars imply that Muslims should be in power because God had glorified them, and God would never let the unbelievers be superior to the true believers.

The believer’s desire for power depict the Islamic people’s determination to fight for their beliefs and fear that the non-Muslims would negatively change the believers’ faith in their religion.

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