Impacts Of Project Management On Mergers And Acquisition

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In today’s complex and competitive global business environment, organizations must adapt to changing environmental conditions by continuously initiating changes in order to remain competitive and profitable. These changes occurs when organizations undertake such changes as implementation new technologies, mergers or acquisition, downsizing, restructuring operations, and outsourcing. During these changes if companies implement programmes like six-sigma or business process improvement then according to Hayes(2002), these changes are usually prompted by a need to maintain or improve an organization effectiveness where effectiveness relates to the organizations ability to use recourse efficiently to achieve immediate goals as well as embracing the need to changing conditions to be to remain efficient over the long term (Carnell, 1999). According to France, Harrington and Marguire (1987), improving an organization effectiveness has important consequences for its overall corporate performance. Despite the available of a number of models to aid the successful diagnosis and implementation of change effort, Beer and Nohria (2000,p.88) claims that 70% of all changes initiates fail because managers immerse themselves in an ‘alphabet soup of initiatives’ without fully understanding the nature and process of corporate change. Therefore there is organization growth is very much important to understand how changes occur so that they can better manage the change process to improve their organizational effectiveness.

Rationale of Research

The benefits of this importance of this research help us to understand the impact of change management. Merger and acquisition are very much frequent nowadays. Everyone passes Merger and acquisition either themselves working in an organization or someone who is working or owning shares in the firm or merged with another organization. When firms merges between two organizations under takes changes. This change can be in positive or may be the other side of suffering. This motives has been studies previously in the financial sectors, however it frequently linked with the acquisition and merging process. Based on a literature review it has been said that there are two main types of motives for mergers and acquisition. First motive reason is the financial reason, such as increasing the overall performance and creating value for shareholder. Second reason is the non value maximizing managerially based motive. Recently due the economic situation, cross borders Mergers and Acquisition activities have risen significantly. Countries in the Europe are very much involved in the Mergers and Acquisition market. The acquisition motive is therefore often linked to acquisition and integration strategies and outcome in the research. Hence it is important to know and understand the process of acquisitions and help to make it more effective in order to gain extra benefits arising of it. Mainly to review the different kinds of product and processes these two companies has and find the positives for a final decision. This research explains the impact of project management merging & acquisition between GE Money and Banco Santander. This comparison review answers the importance of integration process in making the acquisition more effective.

Limitation of Research

When analysis the Acquisition project we need to remember one key fact that the process actually is long drawn out and can take months or years to be completed.

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