Impacts of information technology on human

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Technology has affected every aspect of human life. Every field of business has been affected by it. It has changed the ways of living of human ,the way we communicate, the way we learn, the way think.

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It has a great impact on private and business sector as well. It provides huge opportunities to help the development of business. Due to technology many impossible things have been become very easier for businessmen. It has reduced the large need of employees, but increased the efficiency of work. In past times which work required a lot of people and a lot of time to be completed, nowadays only single person finish that work in just few minutes. For example, in past time the work of typing required many people to do that work, but now only a man can do that work in just few seconds. So we see how technology is affecting our business. Human resource management also has its great influence. Technology has affected directly organizations and HR functions. It has some positive and negative influences on HRM organizations and its functions. In this dissertation researcher have going to discuss the influence of information technology and telecommunications on human resource management. What are its good and bad effects on HRM, researcher will discuss in this dissertation.


In past few years it was a belief that human resource managers use technology only to fulfill few needs such as administrative tasks. But nowadays it is no longer like this, these days the whole structure of business depends upon technology. A single step cannot be taken further without the think of information technology. ‘The future growth and development of business will depend on the use knowledge of technology, information technology and services provided by them’ (Barley 1996). So these days information technology is helping businesses to grow and to develop on a large scale. It helps managers to recruit efficient employees, to save their personal information, for the motivation and good leadership if the employees, to finding new techniques of work, to increase profit and for future planning for business. So let’s discuss the positive impacts of technology on human resource management:

Recruitment of new employees:

As we see these days maximum people rely on the internet, and according to the predictions of researchers number of people who use internet is growing in millions every year. ‘Well educated people, who have skills and full of ambitions, regular working with information technology and communication, have more influence of information technology’ (Bola and Truman, 2003). So many companies are taking advantage of this thing; they are recruiting efficient,

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