Impact Of Poverty And Education On Children Development

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Poverty is the state of scarcity or the lack of specific things. Such things may include possessions or money that is essential for humans to make their life better or comfortable. According to Foster and James, poverty is defined as the state of someone who lacks a usual or socially acceptable amount of money or material possessions.

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Therefore, one who requires good health, who cannot have access to the right medical attention, or cannot afford to take the precautions to avoid the illness is said to be in poverty. Poverty is measured regarding social, political, and economic elements (Petterson, 2011 pp1794-1813). The extreme lack of the necessities is referred to as ‘?absolute poverty.’ One is faced with the complete absence of the primary and personal needs such as shelter, clothing, and or food in the state. Another state is relative poverty that occurs when one in a particular country does not have access to the specified minimum level of “”living standards”” in comparison to the other people in the same region (Guo, 2010 pp 431-447). As such, the definition of relative poverty varies from one state to another or even from community to another. Poverty influences the life of children primarily, as they develop to become adults.

Education is an initiative that facilitates acquisition and utilization of knowledge, habits, values, skills, and beliefs. Teaching as a process promotes learning and thus eliminates ignorance among the community. Education often is meant for children as they mature. However, adults also engage in the learning process to increase their knowledge. As such, culture differs depending on age, profession, likes, and interests and depending on the government plans. The methods of facilitating education include teaching, training, storytelling, directed research, and discussion (Barnett, 2008 pp 204-207). The setting of the process may be either formal or informal. Education is believed to be the tool that enlightens people and help them to find solutions for the challenges they face. As such, it is a means that aid in reducing poverty among the citizens and facilitate growth. Similarly, poverty may be a hindrance for some children to access quality education and thus the problem will prevail.

Poverty and education profoundly influence the development of children. Poverty is a challenge that needs to be overcome if the children will have a good life worth of living (Guo, 2010 pp 431-447). When it strikes, the kids cannot have access to necessities, and thus it hinders development. The World Bank defines poverty as having many phases. The indicators of poverty according to economic and social inclusion corporation of the World Bank are hunger, sickness and not being in a position to seek medical attention, lack of shelter, inability to read and not having access to school,

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