Impact of leadership behavior on employees

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It is stated that after all argues statements Patagonia leads the designing and sport equipment world by adopting both traditional and nontraditional approaches with total quality management and value creation. Patagonia is consistent and sustainable in their quality and products that why it became success to build trustworthy long term relation with their employees and also achieving their all objectives and working up to the mark.

Keywords: Patagonia (area of South America), marketing (Advertising internally / externally), consistency, responsibilities.

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In modern world most of the consumer are receiving, watching, numbers of advertisements regarding different types of product and that marketing is in the shape of printed and social media so that’s why it is too much difficult for most of the companies to compete their competitors. Today many of the consumers are divided in several dimensions some are the brand conscious some are the price conscious, so at the time of manufacturing every company have to focus both thins and targeted customers as well. The key factor for making product famous is marketing (indoor/ outdoor) of product it means the advertisement must be attractive then product will move toward the level of success.

Basically Patagonia is a region where a company named Patagonia which is designing the high quality clothing and all equipments of sports.


Basically the headquarter of this company is located in Ventura, California, USA , the nature of this company is related to the manufacturing of the products, the products like; clothes, mountaineering, rock climbing, hiking and fishing etc. there are 32 stores/ branches of this company which is located in Us and 36 are internationally and three are founded in Australia. It is also providing online delivery services of their products to their customers that can order from any corner of the world. Its annual revenue is approx: US$750 million, it shows that Patagonia is in the list of well known companies. this case study is related to that how Patagonia is unique from other companies by using non traditional methods, and also describes how Patagonia build their relation to the customers by focusing that how they can create long term benefit, they also focusing to give value to their customers/partners because the main concern of this company is to build trusty relation with their customers.

Statement of problem:

The main argue of this case is how to enhance strong and long range relation with the customer, and how can we compete our competitors which will be the unique thing of our products through which we can reach to our targeted revenue.


Basically the purpose of this case study is to determine all the marketing approaches/strategies of Patagonia Company.

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