Impact Of Homelessness On Our Life

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Homelessness is a problem that can be seen when looking just below the surface of the many social problems our country has. Homelessness is a problem that has no regard for its victims. People of all ages, races, gender and religions can be impacted by homelessness. The primary reason that is attributed to homelessness is the lack of affordable housing. Over five million low-income households have struggled to maintain their home due to high housing costs and or substandard housing conditions. (Doorways, 2018)

The homeless people in our communities struggle day after day to find somewhere to live or wonder where their next meal will come from. Food and shelter are the basis for our human society to be able to stay afloat in any environment we are put in. There are more families that endure homelessness in the United States than in any other industrialized nation. (Doorways, 2018) The sad reality is that one in thirty American children experience homelessness annually and even more saddening, fifty one percent are under age five. (Doorways, 2018)

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Over two million children are homeless each year in America. Family homelessness has continued to be a problem that is getting worse and worse over time. At a national level, eighty five percent of providers have seen family homelessness increasing in recent years. (Doorways, 2018) Based on the cost to live in different cities across the United States and the varying pay in salaries, one in four renters spends more than half their income on housing and almost half need to pay over thirty percent of their incomes on rent. (Doorways, 2018)

Many families who become homeless did or do have employment but there are many changing factors can contribute aside from the pay itself not being enough to sustain the financial responsibilities needed to avoid from falling into a homeless state or cycle. Sometimes families go through life changing events such as loss of hours at work, a sick family member, domestic violence or another extreme event that causes a rippling effect that makes the family fall victim to homelessness. (End Homelessness, 2018)

Family homelessness can spiral out of control quickly. The impact that is has on those who endure it can be life changing. This problem is only getting bigger and we need to take action to help slow down the speed at which is it happening and additionally, move to a more proactive state. The challenge to get back to a stable place comes with many hurdles. The earlier that society can help someone who has fallen homeless, the sooner they are able to be a contributing member to society. Another concept that must be considered and understood when learning about homelessness, is understanding the impact it has on children that go through it.

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