Impact of Gender Board Diversity

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    Impact of Gender Board Diversity on Firm Performance, Firm Value and Corporate Governance Table of Contents Section 1: Introduction Section 2: The Literature Review Section 3: The Research Methodology and the Data Section 4:The Expected Findings and Implications ……………………………….9

Giving women the opportunity to achieve their potential must be at the heart of our approach to economic growth – Rt Hon Theresa May MP Abstract The proposed research will investigate the relationship between the Firm Performance, Value and Corporate Governance and Gender Board Diversity in a sample of 30 FTSE 100 companies for the period post Lord Davies Report (2011-2014). The main research question is: What is the Impact of the Gender Diversity on Firm Performance? We will also explore the following whether there is an Impact of Gender Diversity in the boardroom on the Firm Value and the Corporate Governance. We will use multiple linear regression analysis to evaluate the data. The sample for the proposed study consist of 30 companies FTSE 100 companies, which represent energy, pharmaceutical, banking, insurance and retail sectors. The stratified random sampling method was used to choose the sample. Taking into consideration previous empirical studies, we will find that there is a link between Gender Diversity in the board and Corporate performance, however results maybe inconclusive due the limitations of the study.

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Section 1: Introduction

The proposed research will be undertaken as a part of MSc in Corporate Governance programme in London South Bank University. Corporate Governance is a set of rules, guidance and regulations, which companies should follow in order to be controlled and governed effectively and efficiently. That is why topics of governance and board of directors in larger listed companies attract wide-spread attention of media, public, government, shareholders and institutional investors. The board composition has been under a great scrutiny due to the various corporate failures and the last financial crisis. In order to improve the board decision making, effectiveness and problem-solving processes, researchers are looking into the issue of the Board Gender Diversity. The perception of women is changing and women are trying to advance in their careers by competing with male for the jobs in the board of directors. However there should be valid external and internal justifications for Gender Diversity in the Boardroom and its impact on the Firm’s Performance. Carter et al (2003) identify a positive link between Gender Diversity and Firm’s value, which is calculated by Tobin Q and highlights that Diversity increases the efficiency of the audit. Catalyst study (2004-2008) used ROE Return on Equity) and return on invested capital (ROIC) of 353 US companies to measure firm’s value and they found that companies with higher female representation in the board of directors perform better financially than companies with lower female representation.

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