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The Effects of Immigration on Children and Families


Illegal immigration is a very controversial issue within our society. There are families within our society that are made up of parents that are here illegally but have children who are born here and are citizens. But it is these citizens that are what I am referring to as the incomplete citizens. Who are these incomplete citizens and why are they being impacted by our society? Are there different stipulations for these children that are born to these undocumented families? Do they really receive the same rights as those born to U.S. citizens? Our societies including our politicians have different opinions about illegal immigration. Immigration reform negatively affects those children that are born to undocumented parents. They find themselves facing adversities that had the situation been different would never have to face. Working in an elementary school I have seen first-hand how those children are affected as a result of their parent’s legal status. My purpose in this research is to show the emotional, educational, and financial effects that are inflicted on the undocumented families. This is a problem that is not going to be resolved overnight but rather this is a problem that is going to need help from the various disciplines. With this research more information will be found to present how children are affected through the different disciplines and how these disciplines integrate and can have a more insightful understanding of the issues at hand. The four disciplines that I will focus on will by communication, government, business and psychology. It is through these varied disciplines that I will show how these children are living their lives as incomplete citizens. The current ruling passed by Farmers Branch is a prime example of how the undocumented families have to make difficult decisions.


Through the lens of communication we see how culture, the media and our society affects the way how these children are viewed. Culture has negative and positive effects on these children. By doing some research I saw how various groups and organizations have different perspectives regarding undocumented families and there U.S. born children. Our society is divided by the issue. Some think that since those children are already here they should be included in the view that they are our future. They should be accepted and receive the benefits of all American born citizens. On the other hand, there are others in our society that think that these children are a burden. They believe that those specific children should not receive the same benefit that a United States citizen receives because of their parent’s illegal status. In addition, the media at times has a negative impact on these children. It is traumatic to see or hear through the various channels of communication how these families are being torn apart, separated and punished and even at times being labelled as criminals because they do not have the proper documentation.

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