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The Quality Sub Manual has become a reality with the immense cooperation and support of noble persons of this college. We have great pleasure to acknowledge the help and support rendered by Dr Shakir Al Mosouli, Dean of Al Musanaa College of Technology, by furnishing valuable suggestions and materials required for completing this manual. Dr Mohammed Hassan, Assistant Dean for Administration and Finance affairs of the institution has to be acknowledged with gratitude for the timely advices and involvement in preparing and presenting this manual. Our gratitude is also extended to Dr Nasser Al Fouri, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs and Dr. Ayham Yahya, Head of the Engineering Department, for reviewing the manuscript and suggesting suitable modifications and giving necessary guidelines and motivation for successful completion of the work. Finally we remember and acknowledge all who have been with us in the satisfactory accomplishment of the endeavor.


This Quality Sub-Manual is the part of the main quality manual of the college, and this is used as a guiding document for ensuring quality in Electrical and Electronics Laboratories and Workshops. The same is an attempt to make qualitative changes in the laboratory operations in the Colleges of Technology. This manual will help in achieving uniformity of various activities related to the laboratories including practical classes, assessment and evaluation. The Quality Sub-Manual is the initial step for further quality procedures and improvements in the Colleges of Technology. New approaches such as bar-coded PDA based labeling system have also been implemented for equipment tracking. The policies related to the laboratory staff, including their duties and responsibilities, training programs is briefed in Section 1. Section 2 gives details of teaching and learning process in the labs and workshops (including the orientation programs). Section 3 discusses health and safety policies, Section 4 are about maintenance and cleaning activities. Section 5 deals with the policy of upgrading and improvement. It also gives an overview of the different activities related to laboratory resources and materials including storage, labeling, Electronic Procurement and Inventory Control (EPIC), Purchase and Receiving of Material etc. Sections 7 to 9 present the policies regarding the Laboratory Structure and Amenities, Budget allocation and Internal Auditing. Samples of relevant Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Formats, Tables, Labels, Charts, Manuals and Posters are presented in the Appendix.


To provide in a concise and brief format, the statement about the Policies and Aims of the Institution for building up a Quality Management system and thereby achieving Quality Assurance in the Electrical and Electronics Laboratories and Workshops so that

  • Desired level of quality and effectiveness of the resources are ensured.
  • All activities performed in the laboratories and workshops will be to the desired level of accuracy.
  • Errors in the activities can be minimized and deviations from the quality policy can be detected and necessary corrective measures can be taken.
  • The experiments conducted and results of the activities can be made reliable to the desired extent.

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