I’m Not A Racist Song by Joyner Lucas Analysis

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I found a song about inequality which expresses different view points on racism and prejudice. It is the point of view from a stereotypical redneck and stereotypical young black thug. This song talks about racism from both sides and the how the myths people are fed lead to a continued cycle of racism, hate, and inequality.

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The song is called “I’m Not A Racist”, it is sung by Joyner Lucas and written by Gary Lucas. The title “I Am Not A Racist” may throw you off but it is talking about the prejudice attitudes and racist behavior that white people still have because of their pre-conceived notions about blacks. Many white people think they are not racist because they have black friends yet still judge black people and consider them the cause of their own problems which is just one of the misconceptions this song approaches. The others are that black men today should not be as mad about slavery because they have never been slaves, all black men and women do is collect welfare and party, and the all too common myth that black men would rather sell drugs then get a job. Now here is the flip side view from a black man’s perspective. He basically explains that the system is set up for them to fail and that it is not as easy for them to get a job because of institutional racism. In order to put food on the table they have to resort to selling drugs. He also touches on the fact that even though they say nigga to each other it does not give whites the right to call them nigga because they feel when a white man says it that it has a derogatory hidden meaning even if it is just done in a joking manner. The crucial point that got to me is when he says “Treatin everybody how you want and any way how” which to me is a slam to the fact that whites have always gotten away with treating different cultures and races any way they wanted for quite some time.

There has been conflict between blacks and whites for some time. However there have also been many changes for the better. Why does the conflict still exist? Why are blacks or any race still being discriminated against in our country? According to conflict theory it is this way because white people do not want to lose their economic security and dominance in this world(Mooney, Understanding Social Problems,9-4b). As you could see in the song I described both of those men could not see how the system had pitted them against one another and there is definitely a conflict of opinions. There is the white man afraid to lose his dominance over the world he knows,

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